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Aberfeldy Oatmeal
Welcome to Aberfeldy Oatmeal

Sandy GrayAberfeldy Oatmeal, run by Sandy Gray now continues to supply quality oatmeal and flour throughout the UK. We are a family business where Sarah and I work together in supplying oatmeal, flour and homemade jams. We have three children who all love getting involved. From helping at farmers markets to testing out the porridge oats every morning, giving them the strength to help pack the van for deliveries!

Aberfeldy Oatmeal was first founded in 1987 by the Rogers family when they restored the Water mill, originally built in 1825. In the year 2000, Tom Rogers closed the mill down and moved their business back to Cupar where they had their oats milled at the mill in Kelso. The flour was then bought from Carr's flour mill in Kirkcaldy. I took on the Aberfeldy brand in 2012 and have carried on getting the oats milled in Kelso. They can produce the tastiest oatmeal on the market today. The flour still comes from Carr’s - by far the highest quality flour I have ever used.

Aberfeldy flour comes in a range of self-raising, plain, 100% wholemeal, strong white, granary, medium brown, coarse brown and berry meal. The bread flours are a quality product used by many bakers, farm shops and delis. The scones just aren't the same without Sandy's self-raising flour! The Aberfeldy Oatmeal range also consists of quality, handmade rough oatcakes as well as a range of sweet biscuits and shortbread. Our biscuit range is made from our own flours and oatmeal.
Biscuits & Oatcakes
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The Aberfeldy Water Mill - History of Water Powered Oat Mill Production
Aberfeldy Water Mill
The Aberfeldy Watermill has been on this site since the 15th century; indeed it was the origin of the smart little town of Aberfeldy. Set in the beautiful Tay valley, Aberfeldy is a popular tourist destination, and the working watermill is one of its chief attractions.

Tom Rodger, a seventh generation miller, bought the derelict mill house twenty years ago and spent a fortune restoring it to perfection. He reinstalled all the internal machinery, the hoppers, kiln house and dry bins and began producing Aberfeldy oatmeal once again. Soon people came knocking on the door to see this revitalised wonder, and with typical Scottish acumen Tom opened up a visitor centre. He won a Civic Trust Commendation in 1988, and conservation awards from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the London Times.

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